SpineTee® PAR is designed to improve your drives with consistent ball height for every club.

The height disc allows quick and repeatable Tee set-up to the desired height.

As special feature SpineTee® PAR comes with an attachment device to connect 2 Tees to each other using a flexible string. This prevents the Tee from flying into the danger zone and keeps you safe when practicing during driving range sessions.


  • Height disc for consistent ball position to meet the sweet spot
  • Attachement device to prevent tee from flying away
  • Tee-head designed for easy setting
  • Different length available to adjust perfectly for every club
Product Height White Coloured
XS 12 x x
S 20 x x
M 30 x x
L 40 x x
XL 50 x x
Mix All 5 x  


SpineTee® PRO is providing maximum comfort with a soft and flexible ball support combined with a rigid base for easy set-up and consistent height adjustement.

The typical Spine-shaped body promotes distance with minimum  resistance to your golf swing.

SpineTee® PRO Set features a set consisting of 3 tees in different length together with a high quality tee-holder keeping things in order and easily attached to your bag with a soft leatherband. Tees are always close at hand when needed.


  • Enhances your golf swing
  • Repeatable height setting
  • Different length for every club
  • Easy handling and safe ball support
  • Unique tee holder keeps tees in order
inkl. tee holder
Height Colour
XS XS 12 white-yellow
S XS 20 white-yellow
30 white-yellow
L XL 38 white-gray
XL XL 46 white-gray


SpineTee® DRIVING RANGE tees offer maximum comfort when practicing from  range mats. As two part –design a flexible tee support is fixed and locked into a durable and solid receptacle that fits all standard range mats.

DRIVING RANGE tees are featuering unique height adjustement. There is a choice between a stepless  or a preset version which provides 5 different settings to meet your preference .

Only a simple pull or push action is needed to adjust to different heights.

  • Height adjustable stepless or preset
  • Simple push & pull action for height setting
  • Strong and flexible golfball support
  • Securely locked in the base
  • Big head for easy tee up
  • Fits all standard range mats
product heights colour
preset 22 - 46 mm yellow-yellow
stepless L 22 - 46 mm yellow-black
stepless XL 34 - 63 mm yellow-gray


SpineTee® GREEN KEEPER FRIEND is your tee for cold and rough conditions. Unique and practiable for winter without struggling to insert regular tees in a frozen ground. Also during practice rounds on the faiway it will facilitate your game.

GREEN KEEPER FRIEND lifts the ball due to its curvature and allows you to hit the ball with minimal contact to the hard bottom. Multiple holes act as ball-support area and allows hitting in sloped areas.

Contact with the ground is reduced and will give you relief on your wrists and avoids divots- this is why we named it GREEN KEEPER FRIEND.

  • Facilitates your game in could and rough conditions
  • Eliminates divots and is protecting your wrists and driver head
  • Easy adjustement when sloped
  • Can be combined with other SpineTee`s DRIVING RANGE and und RANGE TEE STANDARD
  • Comes with a practical cord to keep it at at your bag


SpineTee®  flexible RANGE TEE STANDARD was developed to meet  2 objectives.

First, it fits the regular standard tees which are used in range mats and often do not meet your height preferences. RANGE TEE STANDARD is simply inserted  into the hole of the regular tees and adjusted to the correct height. The discs of the RANGE TEE STANDARD are designed to grip to the Standard Tee to stay in place.

To use RANGE TEE STANDARD with our GREEN KEEPER FRIEND just insert the appropriate disc area into the center-hole of the GREEN KEEPER FRIEND and hit from your desired ball-height.

  • Fits standard range tees
  • Insert and adjust to your prefered height
  • Indiviual height setting in combination with GREEN KEEPER FRIEND for rough conditions


SpineTee® BALL MARKER MULTI LINE for individual golf-ball marking.

Marking enhances accuracy to your game. This tool provides 3 slots for guiding marker pens with different colours / shapes along the golf ball surface to create multiple line combinations.
Marking helps to align the golfball to the target , to align yourself to the golfball and also to identify your golfball from others.

Putting alignment

BALL MARKER MULTI LINE is designed to draw a horizontal line on the golfball-surface to control your upper body position when putting. Additional lines will give you further control in lining up the ball to the hole and the putter to the golfball resulting in effective puts and low scores.

  • Tool for individual ball marking
  • Enhances perfect alignment when putting



SpineTee® is the registered trademark owned by Bissinger & Stark GbR.

In 2006 after endless hours of practicing our golf swing with hundreds of broken wooden tees it was obvious that we have to come up with new ideas of how a golf tee should be built.

It was clear we do not just want to copy existing products. Something new meant to be adding value to golfing and stand out in terms of durability compared to wooden tees.

After a lot of meetings creating and shaping ideas we were starting to understand what it takes to be a SpineTee® and satisfy our high standards.

During intense discussions we were facing all the important things like sweet spot, stability, flexibility sturdiness, low friction, easy handling, fixed heights, repeatability and raw material properties…

Looking back all the ideas and design features are still valid today and it is what SpineTee® stands for.

SpineTee® stands for innovative products to enhance your golfing.

All of our products are designed,developed and manufactured and Made in Germany to meet the highest quality standards.

SpineTee® philosophy

  • All of our products must solve a problem and add value to facilitate your golfing – we will not market any SpineTee product if it is just a commodity
  • We were choosing Spine as part of our name as „spine“ stands for high flexibility in combination with toughness, giving us the guideline and the backbone to develop new Spine Tee products.


  • For the entire product live cycle we ensure high standards concerning sustainability and an eco-friendly approach.
  • SpineTee® products are manufactured in Germany with fair work conditions and zero tolerance for child labor.
  • It is of vital importance to us that SpineTee® products must not be shiped around the globe before they get in golfers hands.
  • We put a lot of effort in raw-material-development. Only high quality engineering materials are used to satisfy our high standards to garanty stability, durability and flexibility needed for our product-performance.
  • We are a small but high efficent team – product development, mold design, mold-making and production – all parties are located within 10km which is good for communication and reduces our ecological foot-print.


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